Supportive. Focused. Talented.

The team at Signal Mountain is composed of passionate animal lovers who come in to work in order to help you navigate the entire world of pet ownership, and to give you more happy years with your companion. Now, meet the team at your back.


Lena Van Horn, DVM


The clinic owner, medical director, operations manager, IT department, and SO much more – – Dr.Van Horn truly is the glue that holds our clinic together. You can often hear her laughing and singing throughout the building, and she never says no to a quick trip to Southern Star for lunch (or anywhere else that will make her a good plate of fried green tomatoes). She has been working in the veterinary field since 2001, practicing since 2008, and has been here at Signal Mountain Veterinary Clinic since 2011. Outside of work, you can often find her performing in operas, musical theater productions, and orchestras, caring for her “small farm with too many critters to count” (as she puts it), and spending time with her husband and two children. If she was given the opportunity to guest star on any television show, she says she would love to be featured on Grey’s Anatomy…as a guest surgeon, not a patient of course.

Alana Terrell, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

Our associate veterinarian, resident introvert, and favorite Canadian, Dr. Terrell has been with us since 2017. Prior to attending the University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine, she worked as a veterinary assistant for 13 years. After graduation she worked at a private practice in Brevard, North Carolina, but we are thrilled to have her here in Chattanooga as part of our team.Outside of work, you can find her watching hockey and drinking maple syrup straight from the bottle…okay, just kidding, she’s not THAT Canadian. She has dabbled in woodworking and minor carpentry projects in her free time and enjoys camping and enjoying live music with her two wonderfully unruly daughters and spending time with good friends and neighbors. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is, “…the candor we can use with our patients that we wouldn’t be able to exhibit in human healthcare (all the hugs, face licking, exams on the floor, etc.). It allows introverts like myself to really connect on a daily basis in a fulfilling way. I also really enjoy the creativity and problem solving required to treat our wide range of patients.”

Nicole Brown, LVMT

Veterinary Technician

Nicole is our fantastic, fun, freckled Filipino. She is tied with Jenny as one of the most “lettered” people in our clinic. She is Nicole Brown, B.S., A.A.S., L.V.M.T. She has a Bachelor of Science, Associate of Applied Science, and is a licensed veterinary medical technician. During college, she interned with the Tennessee Aquarium and worked hands on with octopi. Now her patients have fewer appendages but she shows them the same level of care. She has a Shih Tzu/Terrier mix named Bailey and a Rottweiler named Leo. Aside from spending time with her furry companions, Nicole is a mother of four who enjoys sewing, jewelry making, and other forms of crafting (if she ever has free time) and would one day love to learn how to play piano. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is, “Getting to know the clients and seeing that we can make a difference in the life and health of pets.”

Sarah Nale, LVMT, CCRP

Veterinary Technician

Sarah is our most credentialed employee! Like Jenny, she has an A.S., A.A.S., L.V.M.T. Again, this is fancy-schmancy alphabet talk that means she has an Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, and is a licensed veterinary medical technician. However, she also is a C.C.R.P., or certified canine rehabilitation practitioner. She has extensive experience working with dogs and cats to help them recover from injuries or surgeries more efficiently by doing exercises, strength training, land-based exercises, massages, and other techniques. Basically, she’s über-knowledgeable and talented. She also has double-jointed thumbs – super cool (and maybe a little creepy), definitely ask her to show you when you see her in the clinic. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her orange tabby, T-Bart, renovating her newly purchased home, and hiking with her German Shepherd, Ursa, and fiancé, Chase.

Anne Davis


Anne is one of our two phenomenal receptionists. She has been working in the veterinary field since 2010 and here at Signal Mountain Veterinary Clinic since 2019. We often call veterinary medicine her second career, since she spent 20 years as a flight attendant – 15 years with Delta Airlines and 5 years on a private jet for an NBA team. However, she had actually aspired to be a veterinarian while in college. “I went to Auburn University to become a veterinarian, but thanks to my freshman year social life, I now just work for one.” Outside of work, she volunteers with Paw-paw’s Ministry and St. Elmo Methodist church feeding the unhomed and providing them with clothes and other necessities. She also enjoys kayaking, bird watching, photography, thrifting, and trying new brunch spots. She’s also kept busy with a whole crew of furry friends – 3 chihuahuas (Lola, Polly, and Teenie Weenie), a Miniature Pinscher/Dachshund mix (Jennie), a Labrador Retriever mix (Stella), a one-eyed Pibull (Brad-Pit), and 2 cats (Boy Kitty and Girl Kitty).

Justice Ritz


Justice is the newest face in our clinic. She began as a receptionist here in January 2023 after volunteering at various animal shelters and developing a passion for helping animals. She is also our youngest employee and keeps us up to date on the GenZ lingo – seriously, what does “rizz” even mean? She has three pets at home, Kiromi and Melody the rabbits and Peaches the hamster. She recently threw a birthday party for her rabbit, Kiromi, complete with party hats, carrot-shaped foods, and a photoshoot. It was adorable, so definitely reach out to her for all your pet party planning needs. Outside of work, she enjoys thrifting, hanging out with her husband and pets, and rewatching Hannibal as often as possible.

Jenny Daniels, LVMT

Clinic Manager

Jenny is the one of the most “lettered” people in our clinic. She is Jenny Daniels, A.S., A.A.S., L.V.M.T. That is just a lot of fancy alphabet talk for someone who has an Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, and is a licensed veterinary medical technician. She has a wide variety of experience in the veterinary field and has served in various roles in veterinary clinics such as a dental technician, surgical assistant, dermatology care technician, lead technician, staff trainer, protocol manager, and now as the clinic manager here at Signal Mountain Veterinary Clinic. She also has a wide variety of experience in life – she has lived overseas twice over the years, reads Korean, and both tore her ACL and damaged her meniscus while skiing. Her husband tells her that she is banned from winter sports, since she has injured herself skiing twice and once while ice skating. She has two pets: Nero, the terror of her kids’ toys and Reese, the terror of her husband’s allergies. If she could create a brand new holiday, she says she would make “Love Yourself Day.”

Jessica Munoz

Veterinary Assistant

Jessica has been with our clinic since December of 2021, but has been working in the veterinary field since 2010. She has worked for emergency practices, private practices, Banfield, and an ophthalmology specialty clinic. She was born in Colombia and her family moved to the United States when she was 4 years old. She spent the first few years of her life in New York, most of her life in Florida, then moved to Tennessee in September 2021. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her children, two dogs (Snoopy the Schnauzer and Chiquito the Yorkie), watching true crime documentaries, and completing DIY projects such as refurbishing and selling furniture. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is that there is always room for growth. She herself has grown since first beginning in the field. Though she has primarily on-the-job training, she is currently working toward her degree to become a licensed veterinary technician, all while working full time and being a mother of 3. If you come to our clinic with a Schnauzer, we often joke you are required to let Jessica pet him or her before leaving.

Savanna Hazlewood

Veterinary Assistant

Aside from Justice, Savanna is the newest addition to the veterinary field. She has a journalism degree from Middle Tennessee State University, where she wrote for the school newspaper and various local publications and interned with the student-run radio station, where she hosted her own radio show called Pigeon Life. She also spent several years as a certified and licensed pharmacy technician before taking the plunge into veterinary medicine. “Being a veterinarian has actually been my dream since I was in kindergarten, but I was always a little afraid of all the schooling involved. Ultimately, though, I decided I’d never truly be fulfilled doing anything else.” She’s the “mom friend” in the clinic, with a purse full of any medication, toiletry, or snack you could ever want. Outside of work, she enjoys studying, cross stitching, kayaking, having game nights with friends, watching horror movies, and drinking excessive amounts of caffeine.

Jamie Blanks

Veterinary Assistant

Jamie is one of our veterinary assistants. She started here at Signal Mountain Veterinary Clinic in December 2022 but worked at Banfield Pet Hospital for a year before coming to us. When asked how she likes to start her day, she said “with the largest cup of coffee I can find,” (though she can often be found wrapped in a blanket, eating sour candy, and prepping for the day’s appointments after she completes her opening tasks). We once had to ban her from eating sour candies in the clinic due to breaking a tooth on a lemon drop! Outside of work, she enjoys reading, hiking, eating lasagna, watching Gilmore Girls, and spending time with her two dogs, Pip and Tyson. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is watching puppies and kittens grow over their visits, so much so that she is considering attending school to become a licensed veterinary medical technician.