If you hear singing while visiting our clinic (and it’s not Dr. Van Horn), it’s probably Eric! He has been an essential part of our team since he joined us in 2017 and has been working in the veterinary field for 13 years. Aside from assisting the doctors in caring for your beloved furry friends, you can often find Eric playing guitar and singing in two punk bands (you may hear him on the local radio!), spending time in or on the water, and assisting his wife with her vegan food truck and catering business. We often joke that Eric is never more than 48 hours away from a slice of pizza, though he refuses to choose between pizza or tacos as his favorite meal. Eric’s favorite book is Watership Down by Richard Adams. “It speaks to me on so many levels. It feels like a crossroads for sociopolitical notions, survival, compassion, and comradery – it’s about doing the right thing,even when it’s scary. These are never bad aspirations, and reading this is always a good reminder,” he shares.