Our associate veterinarian, resident introvert, and favorite Canadian, Dr. Terrell has been with us since 2017. Prior to attending the University of Tennessee’s College of Veterinary Medicine, she worked as a veterinary assistant for 13 years. After graduation she worked at a private practice in Brevard, North Carolina, but we are thrilled to have her here in Chattanooga as part of our team.Outside of work, you can find her watching hockey and drinking maple syrup straight from the bottle…okay, just kidding, she’s not THAT Canadian. She has dabbled in woodworking and minor carpentry projects in her free time and enjoys camping and enjoying live music with her two wonderfully unruly daughters and spending time with good friends and neighbors. Her favorite part of veterinary medicine is, “…the candor we can use with our patients that we wouldn’t be able to exhibit in human healthcare (all the hugs, face licking, exams on the floor, etc.). It allows introverts like myself to really connect on a daily basis in a fulfilling way. I also really enjoy the creativity and problem solving required to treat our wide range of patients.”